Students enrolled in the Digital Arts program here at LaCreole Middle School use desktop computers and iPads to creatively express themselves in a variety of media.  Photography, 3D drawing (CAD), video production, animation, podcasting and video game creation are just a few examples of the fun topics that are covered in this class.

All student assignments can be accessed at home with the link below.


If absent, much of the work can be completed at home with free software on the computer or mobile device.

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Digital Arts

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3D Animation

Congratulations to 8th grader, Zach C. who became our first Wildcat to successfully create a 3D animation! He used Blender to create this short animated water-flow.

8th grader, Aison A. demonstrates his 3D animation skills!

Check your 

Students can manage their Digital Arts assignments from anywhere! Follow the link below to view assignment directions, examples, and even turn in work!

learn how to  

Students can continue their coding instruction from anywhere!  Follow the link below to join the adventure!

improve your 


Students can work on their keyboarding by joining the Typing Club!

3D drawing (CAD) designs


View student created architectual design work.  We use Google Sketch-Up (can be dowloaded free at home).

2D art gallery


Students work with a variety of iPad apps and Photoshop to create fun, digital art.  Check out the gallery!

video game creation


Creating video games is a favorite project in Digital Arts.  Students work on designing and organizing their game, as well as manipulating behavioral controls.